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Immediate Marketing Diagnostics (IMD).

Competitive advantage begins here. When a property is facing challenges, our Real Estate Analysts immediately and thoroughly review it from a sales and marketing standpoint. Our Immediate Marketing Diagnostic (IMD) critiques and measures elements of the on-site experience, including:

» First impressions and curb appeal
» Product mix
» Floorplan suitability
» On-site Sales and Model presentation
» Advertising and website
» Collateral materials
» Sales staff performance through Mystery Shops
» Reporting and Follow-up Systems

Immediate Financial Diagnostics (IFD).

Take the first step to determine if your property contains hidden financial potential. Our practical financial analyses may very well influence your future course of action. Our hands-on experience and investigative mentality provides the data you need to put together the most profitable program possible. IFD services include review of:

» Cost Tracking Procedures
» Revenues Forecast
» Cash Flows
» Hard and Soft Costs Required for Completion
» Infrastructure Reimbursement Opportunities
» Cash Flow Timing
» Financial Reporting
» Reporting and Follow-up Systems

Our IFD is the quick, accurate way to obtain the hard-science and penetrating insights needed to maximize your property’s financial potential. Start now.

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