Real Estate Consultants
Real Estate Consultants

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Garrison Partners.

Start feeling Confident with us.

We offer something rare in today's real estate market. Confidence. For 30 years as real estate consultants, we've marketed and sold all manner of residential real estate properties across the U.S. This year, in the face of alarming headlines and a sinking market, we confidently helped clients prosper, and added new clients to our roster. We didn't blink. You shouldn't either.

We recently unveiled our IMD Real Estate Analysis Services. Step up, take control and DEMAND a clear view and objective picture of your property's potential. Analyze options and take action with complete resolve.

Click here to download Garry Benson's presentation at the Milwaukee Condo Summit

Real Estate Consulting Firm
From walk-ups to high-rises, EMS/GARRISON, a reunited team with unparalleled experience and know how, bring creativity, pragmatic leadership and a meticulous process to the development team.